LAPIS LAZULI Gem Mineral Elixir - Stone of Total Awareness


Lapis Lazuli is a stone of total awareness. Helps one achieve one's highest potential and assists in gaining admission to the domain of the unknown mysteries of the sacred texts. It activates and energizes the throat and third eye chakras toward a state of perfection. It attunes one to the creative source, expanding perfection of self. Supports the expansion of your intellectual capacity and awareness, thereby providing a foundation for conscious attunement to your intuitive and psychic nature, and to the Creative Source. Enables you to obtain significant levels of relief, objectivity and clarity during the process of releasing deep emotional trauma.

1 oz. bottle

In the course of my work I am often asked to create a medicine pouch or elixir that addresses a specific topic, such as, protection, clarity, manifestation, and so on. I welcome the opportunity to create custom work for you. Contact me to initiate this process. I look forward to hearing from, and working with, you.

Tom Arcuti
Yachaq Shaman of Imbabura

Gem Mineral Elixirs for Vibrational Balance


Gem Mineral Elixirs are a form of vibrational medicine. In simple terms they are liquid preparations made from crystals, gems and minerals, as well as from organic compounds, such as shell, amber and petrified wood.


Gem Mineral Elixirs are created in a sacred ceremony. I call the Ancient Healing Spirits to create a sacred space and ask for their assistance and guidance in the preparation of the elixir.

Gem Mineral Elixirs begin with cleansing the mineral specimen by smudging with sacred sage, cedar or tobacco, then camaying [blowing Spirit into] the mineral with water. After cleansing, I connect with the Spirit of the mineral and ask for guidance regarding its preparation and any other information it may wish to communicate. I place the mineral into a clear glass bowl of distilled water, which is placed in the sunlight, moonlight or both, for a certain length of time.

Gem Mineral elixirs are the result of the dynamic interplay of a mineral, sun/moonlight, and water. The energy of the sunlight transfers the energetic imprint of this pattern into the water, which has the capacity to hold the integrity of the mineral's energetic pattern. The charged water is mixed with an equal volume of stabilizer [usually brandy]; this solution is called the mother. A stock solution is created by mixing a solution of distilled water and stabilizer in equal portions, then adding a specific number of drops of mother. An individual dosage bottle is made by combining 80% distilled water, 20% stabilizer and a specific number of drops of stock solution.


Each mineral holds a specific vibrational-energetic footprint or pattern. Gem Mineral Elixirs function on the principle of sympathetic vibrational resonance. The mineralís vibrational pattern, or frequency, determines its properties and efficacy of use. When ingested, the vibrational pattern of the mineral is released into the personís physical and subtle bodies, and concentrates on the specific aspects in a state of imbalance. The unbalanced frequency within the physical and subtle bodies of the person interacts with the frequency of the mineral stored in the elixir. The mineralís frequency is transferred to the imbalanced frequency, bringing the imbalance into alignment with the personís normal energetic flow and vibrational balance.

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