CATHEDRAL QUARTZ Natural Crystal Point from Brazil

Natural Clear Quartz cathedral crystal point from Brazil. About 6.25 x 2 x 1.5 inches.

Cathedral Quartz is identified by multiple terminations running parallel along the main body of the quartz crystal. Outstanding crystal for meditation and journey work. Provides a gateway to the World of Spirit, and bolsters the process of transformation. Cathedral Quartz is an energetic and effective crystal to use in the search for True Self and Soul Mission.

In my shamanic lineage, Sacred Stones (including all Crystals and Minerals) are one of the seven sacred spirits of Pachamama (Mother Earth/Time/Cosmos). As such, I cleanse and bless each stone, crystal and mineral in sacred ceremony. To cleanse the stones I smudge them with palo santo, and kamai them with rumi yako (stone water). Afterward, I imbue the stones with the energy of the Three Sacred Mountains and the Spirit of Fire.

Tom Arcuti
Yachaq Shaman of Imbabura

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