BLOODSTONE Drop Pendulum

Teardrop Bloodstone pendulum on chain with Bloodstone end bead. About 10 inches long. Drawstring pouch included.

Bloodstone strengthens and oxygenates blood stream. Enhances physical/mental vitality. Strengthens heart, spleen, bone marrow. Aids in balancing vitamin deficiencies. Reduces emotional and mental stress. The Stone of Courage - also for renewal of the physical mental and emotional bodies. Another powerful healer. It helps one toward the direct union with the divine through contemplation, prayer or mediation and love. It has been used to stabilize, as necessary, the flow of blood. Also a very good gem for those in business - self employed.

The pendulum is an elegant and effective dowsing tool. Hold it dangling from your dominant hand and ask it a “Yes” or “No” question. The pendulum transforms your intuitive flow of energy into a simple, physical movement, which can be easily interpreted. Its movement is a direct expression of Spirit; which can assist us in a variety of ways.

The pendulum helps me to choose an elixir, mineral, or crystal for a client; choose herbs and other components for a medicine bag; read the condition of a person’s chakras; find a good optometrist; decide which car to buy; and so on.

When you receive a new pendulum, take time to cleanse it. It has been bombarded with energies throughout its life, and, no doubt, has absorbed a fair amount. Any of the following techniques are highly effective ways to cleanse your new pendulum - smudge with sage, lavender, cedar, cloves, copal, or any number of other cleansing herbs and resins; leave in direct sun light for a few hours; surround with quartz crystal points, preferably on your Sacred Altar; bury in Pachamama (Mother Earth/Time/Cosmos) for a day or more.

The first time you use your new pendulum ask it to show you the movement that means “Yes.” Once this movement is clear to you, then ask the pendulum to show you the movement for “No.” The corresponding movements for “Yes” and “No” usually remain consistent, but it doesn’t hurt to check every once in a while.

Spend some time getting to know your new pendulum. The pendulum has a particular frequency due to its form and the stone of which it’s made. To harmonize the pendulum’s frequency with your own, carry it on your person frequently. The most effective way to harmonize with your pendulum is to place it on your Sacred Altar.

Tom & Lynor

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